To Françoise

Dear Françoise,

I knew you don't received emails anymore, but I want to write to you.
I still can't believe your lost from Cecile.
I was not a good friend to you , but you always treat me so nice …
I want to write mails to you from last week, however I didn't. Now, I can't mail to you anymore.
I knew you had cancer and took a treatment, you felt uncomfortable and pain, but I believed you would recover healthy soon. Why ……bad things happened ……
I always tell Ting-An about you, and I wonder we will go to France to visit you in the future, however, you won't be there, this is a really sad news to us.
I told Ting-An this bad news, she doesn't understand live and dead, I will tell her about you more in the future.
How can I let you know how sad I am …… I will miss you forever ……