The gifts from Françoise ...

My dear Françoise.
You are too nice to me ^_^

Today, it's a haevy rain in Taipei, and I was drenched.
When I came home, wow, I knew the mail was from you, that's your address.
Thank God! The envelope was not wet.
And ... "what is in the envelope? it's soft" ... hmm ... ^_^

Before I changed my wet clothes, and before I opened the mail, I sent sms(short messages) with cell phone to my friends, I shared this big news to them, and they also wanted know what was in the envelope.
When I opened the envelope ... oh, yes sir! "Open!"

The very beautiful post card, and thank you very much.

I think our new President should give us better and richer life.
I will watch him with my eyes.

There were something else in the envelope ... the silk scarf?
Wow ... very special ... the words of "Paris" and Eiffel Tower icon on it.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you very much! You are too nice to me!

But, I hope it is not expensice.
When I sent something to you, I just want you happy and know more about Chinese culture or my life.
Please don't spend much money ... ^_^

In the fact, I think 2008 is not my year.
Something terrible and confused happended in the beginning of 2008, and I was unhappy and angry for that.
I don't want to tell you more about that ... time passed by ...
Fortunatly, I have good friends and families(like you all), and you are very import for me.

Thank you again! My Françoise!

Best Regards.

from saunier